Where to ride? Part 2.

As you probably know Montreal is widely considered to be among the top places for cycling in North America. Isn’t it an enough reason to ride through our trails? But as you have read in the previous article not only in the city of Montreal can you find awesome paths. The surrounding areas offer dozens of great bike paths.

Here, I give you only a few of hem:

Bromont which by many people is considered to be the best place for biking in Quebec. Only Mont Tremblant and Mont Ste Anne can compete with Bromont but they are located pretty far away, however they are still the nearest ones. Anyways, Bromont amounts to over 100km of trails so you ‘re gonna have a lot of fun riding through those realy cool paths.

Mont Herford. This trail is kinda intermediate in terms ofthe balance of the trail network. However you can find there a few extreme tracks as well as a few easy paths for novics.

Mont Megantic amounting to 15km. This trail is tipically for novice and intermediate. In the winter the tracks are mostly used for skiing and as I said before they are pretty easy. To get there from Montreal you need to take highway 10. After you turn onto the 253 you should follow the 212 ono Notre Dame des Bois and the you just follow the signs. Getting there may seem to be quite problematic but nothing could be more wrong. The travel takes no more than 15 minutes.

Canadian Downhill Mountain Competition, Bromont
Canadian Downhill Mountain Competition, Bromont