Mont Tremblant Park The Favourite Spot of Canadian Bicyclists

Riding by one of the easiest bike paths in Mont Tremblant.

They say that no matter if you’re on a bike paths, on a road or in a trail, because if you are a bycyclist and you are in Mont-Tremblant you just must be happy! Indeed, not without a reason Mont-Treblant is considered to be a bikers’ paradise.

The village’s beautiful scenery, incredible views and lots of long and well prepared bike trails makes Mont-Treblant just a perfect place to ride, freeride and so on. Indeed this popular winter cururt seems to be a grat place for bicycle lovers. I personally ride a different track every few days of the village and as far I haven’t done all the Mount Tremblant’s bike paths!

I just add that I have been doing them for a almost a year! Except typical trails throught the forests you can find there amazing rock, roots climbing or downhill railways! Damn, this is a real paradise for the bycyclists! Don’t want to tell how many km of the trails is in Mont-Tremblant because they keep growing all the time. Anyways, the village is lucky to have a few mtb clubs with a lot of members who really care about the existing trails, maintain them and build the new ones.

We are really proud of all the clubs’ members and happy that the sport is more and more popular.