Where to ride in Montreal and nearby?

Montreal, just like the whole Canada has much to offer regarding mountain biking. One I cal tell you – you won’t get bored here – that’s for sure. There is much you can do especially in Montreal’s Nature Parks. Some of them give you the opportunity to bike on designed paths and trust me most of them are really cool.

Pretty nice one that I can truly recommend is the Power Line Trail. The trail is located in Ile Perrot actually. What interesting a hge part of the trail has already ddisappeared. This is because of an active urbaniosation on that place. Unfrotunately, the architecs’ plans include the whole Power Line Trail so far. If nothing change, in few years the whole track will die but hopefully we’ll manage to build another one just as good as the Power Line Trail. Fortunately, the area around Montreal is reach in trails for us.

Obviously not only Club MTB has contributed towards the tracks building, but it’s not a secret that most of them are buit by the club’s members. Thanks to you guys we have places to develop skills and abilities. So, another great place worth reccomending is Mont Treblant. I think I could even say that Mont Trebland Park is even the best one!

Though almost all the Montreal’s trails are pretty cool and worth riding, this is The Mont Treblant Park’s trail that is the best. I don’t know any other trail near Quebec that would so professionally prepared and maintained. If you haven’t try iot yet, don’t waste your time and chake it out as soon as possible. If you’re gonna be in the Laurentians Mont Tremblant you absolutely need to take a ride through onw of two extreem local sector. One of them is Le Diable and the other one we call Pembina.

Riding through the Pembina sector it’s worth to check out also Oureau Forest trails. They are located in Lanaudiere district. Travelling a little bit further you’re gonna reach Mont Ste Anne. It is more to the east of Quebec City. We were completing this trail for years! It has more than 200km so you can just ride and ride and ride… In the next article we’re gonna give you much more super-places to bike.