Montreal – The #1 Best and The #1 Most Unsafe City for Bicyclists In Canada

Montreal's Trail of 7 Hills, Allan McCluskey

Montreal. Known as the best place in the world for bikers turned out to be also one of those most danerous. Lastly, the Pembia Institute’s study has found the city of Montreal to be among the most unsafe Canadian cities for cyclists.

That’s so interesting that the city enjoying the greatest popularity among freeriders and bicyclists in general can be such a jeopardy for them! The worst score was given to Montreal due to the amount of cyclist crashes over the last few years. It turned out that for every 100 thousands rides, there are 7 ride collisions. Maybe it doesn’t seem to be a lot but regarding the city of Vancouver we see a huge difference.

In Vancouver this is only 1 or less for every 100 housands trips. Not only are these news suprising but also or rather first and foremost worrying. Considering our trails that are very well maintained we should expect our city one of the most safe places around the country. Muchto our suprise it turned out our trails don’t meet the standards often. So we started wondering, what is the reason of all this. Did our best to ensure adequate security on the track we’ve built. So, what was the problem we were wondering…

How can it be that Montreal is concidered to be the most unsafe city for bicyclist since most of the trails are built by Club MTB that emphasises so badly on the issue of safety. So, we decided to run a small investigation. So, have checked all our track kilometer b y kilometer, meter by meter. And what did we find out? Nothing. As it transpired, the paths that were heralded such unsafe trails are out of the tracks officiallly approved by the Club MTB.

We went throught the dangerous tracks and indeed there were places poorly prepared that need a fundamental rebuilding. But in any case, all the trails approvend by our club are totally safe and well prepared for the most crazy tricks! Shame that because of few unkempt paths the good name of the montreal trail net was shaked. However, hope tha with a little help of our friends, club members, fans, lovers we’re gonna fix it!

Montreal's Trail of 7 Hills, Allan McCluskey
Montreal’s Trail of 7 Hills, Allan McCluskey